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4 August, 2009

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts launches two Signature TCM spa treatments exclusively in Greater China

First TCM Herbal Spa Range Developed for a Hotel Group by Eu Yan Sang



Singapore, 4 August 2009 - InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts announced today the launch of two signature spa treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal spa products created by Eu Yan Sang, a leader in the TCM industry. This range of spa herbal products is a first created by Eu Yan Sang exclusively for InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts in Greater China.  

The two signature spa treatments themed "Yin" and "Yang" are inspired by the basic TCM principles of Yin and Yang - complementary opposites within a greater whole or a process of harmonisation creating a dynamic balance of all things. Eu Yan Sang created a range of pre-packed herbs selected based on the principle of Yin and Yang for relaxing and energising respectively, which the spa then mixes with either oil or water during its treatments.  Made from 100 per cent natural herbs, there is no addition of artificial colourings, preservatives, or artificial fragrance in these products. 

Designed for the jet setting executives who needs to relax or recharge themselves, each spa ritual combines a body exfoliant, wrap, massage with special oil and herbal tea.

The Yin Ritual - Relaxing

Stress is a part of modern living, and the "Yin" ritual will help to calm the body and mind and detoxify the body. The herbs best suited for calming have cooling properties, and include fragrances like geranium, lotus and peppermint.

Relaxing Massage - deeply soothing, and performed with skillfully firm pressure. The comforting botanical elements of geranium, lavender and marjoram, known to calm nerves and relieve stress, will be smoothed onto your body, absorbed, and leave you feeling deliciously light in body and mind, and ready for the next treatment. Herbs used in the relaxing massage oil include geranium, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, sweet almond and grape seed (Mi Die Xiang / Xun Yi Cao / Tian Xing Ren You /Ma Yu Lan / Pu Tao Zi You).

Relaxing Body Scrub - Cleansing and calming, the skin will be encouraged to heal and the mind settle after this tranquil treatment. Herbs used include wolfberry bark (di gu pi), coix seed (yi yi ren), ampelopsis (bai lian) and sea salt (hai yan).

Relaxing Body Wrap - induces relaxation in the most stressed guest and aids the reduction of water retention. Lotus leaves soothe irritation and inflammation on the skin, while pearl powder helps heal the body's complexion and clear skin pigmentation. Herbs used includes Chinese yam (shan yao), poria (fu ling) and lotus leaf (he ye).

Relaxing Tea - any remaining tension in the mind and body will be washed away by American Ginseng, which refreshes while it soothes. Peppermint will encourage a gentle energy that clears the head and lifts the senses, offering a profoundly therapeutic end to the relaxing treatments. Herbs used include American ginseng (yang shen xu), peppermint (bo he), citrus peel (qing pi) and poria (fu ling).

The Yang Ritual - Energising

Smooth energy flow is essential to good health, so when the body needs to be energised, the "Yang" ritual will help boost the Qi (energy) and blood (circulation) while clearing any blockages. Herbs used have warming properties and work to nourish the body and mind.

Jars of herbs on display

Jars of herbs on display

Energising Body Exfoliation - the first treatment in this ritual will awaken the body's inner vitality, activating the Qi within the body. Traditional herbs used to protect and repair the body's tissues, such as the fragrant twigs of the mulberry tree, will spread their botanical power deep into the body to reduce stress and initiate the re-energising journey. Herbs used include garden balsam stem (tou gu cao), mulberry twig (sang zhi), acorus rhizome (shi chang pu) and clove (ding xiang).

Energising Body Wrap - The treatment will showcase salvia root, effective in promoting circulation and calming the mind, together with several herbs for boosting the flow of energy in the body. Herbs used are salvia root (dan shen), atractylodes rhizome (cang zhu), sappan wood (su mu) and tangerine peel (chen pi).

Energising Massage - a deliciously light but effective body work which will work its magic not only on tired muscles but also invigorate the mind. Black pepper and lemongrass continue to increase blood circulation, ease muscular fatigue and improve the digestion. Herbs used in the massage oil include black pepper, lemongrass, rosemary, lemon, sweet almond and grape seed (Mi Die Xiang/ Ning Meng/ Hei Hu Jiao/ Tian Xing Ren you/ Ning Meng Xiang Cao/ Pu Tao Zi You).

Good digestion is key to feeling energetic. Patchouli fires up the digestive system while Korean red ginseng boosts energy by repairing and enlivening the body's cells. Both are ingredients of the delicious Energising Tea, to be sipped at the end of the energising spa experience for the ultimate in rejuvenation. Herbs used include red ginseng root (hong shen xu), licorice root (gan cao) and dried ginger (gan jiang) and patchouli (huo xiang).

Media Contacts:

Sheo Shanker Rai
IHG Asia Pacific        
+65 6395 6074

Notes to Editors:

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About Eu Yan Sang

Listed on the Singapore Exchange, Eu Yan Sang International Limited is a progressive, consumer healthcare company with its core focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is one of the largest TCM groups in South East Asia and a leader in adopting a scientific approach in the production of TCM products.

With the mission of "Caring for Mankind" and dedication to quality, safety and innovation, Eu Yan Sang is at the forefront of modernising TCM, making it relevant to today's consumers. During its 130 years of operation, it has continuously invested in research and development, leveraged on technology and developed its human capital. Today, the Eu Yan Sang brand name is synonymous with premium quality - in manufacturing, retail, wholesale and clinic services.

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About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM is centered on the belief that life, activity and the environment are all linked, and further that the human body is a mini universe, comprising complete and interconnected systems continually working to sustain balance and therefore health within the body. Key elements include the power of Qi, also known as life force or energy, the dual influences of yin and yang, and the smooth flow of the body's meridian channels.

Energising herbs

  • Black pepper 黑胡椒 - A spicy herb, black pepper is a powerful aid to digestion,
  • Clove 丁香 - Warms the body and is particularly useful for boosting the digestive system. It can also help relieve pain.
  • Ginger 姜 - This root herb also is effective in warming the body and aiding digestion.
  • Korean red ginseng 高丽参 - It repairs and enlivens the bodies' cells, providing a powerful energy boost.
  • Lemon 柠檬 - Good for digestion, its aroma calms yet enlivens the mind.
  • Lemongrass 柠檬草 - A cleansing agent for the digestive system, lemongrass also helps tone the complexion.
  • Licorice 甘草 - Helps ensure good circulation, as well as being a mild pain reliever.
  • Mulberry twigs桑枝 - Warming properties of these twigs may help reduce pain, relax muscles and improve water retention.
  • Patchouli 藿香- Particularly beneficial for digestion, patchouli enlivens the body's digestive functions. 
  • Rosemary迷迭香 - Helps rejuvenate the skin externally, while internally aid digestive disorders.
  • Salvia root 丹参 - While renowned for treating heart problems, when applied topically with other herbs salvia root may help to promote circulation within the skin.
  • Tangerine peel 陈皮 - The peel of the fruit is effective in boosting the circulation of water throughout the body, but especially within the digestive system.

Relaxing herbs

  • American ginseng 西洋参 - Calming and refreshing, it is a powerful stress reducer.
  • Chinese yam 山药 - Particularly good for the kidneys which it replenishes, it also boosts the functions of digestive system.
  • Citrus peel 青皮 - Peel from citrus fruits aids the circulation of water throughout the body and digestion.
  • Coix barley 薏苡仁 - soothes and heals irritated skin and is particularly beneficial when treating skin pigmentation.
  • Geranium 天竺葵 - Popular for its scent, geranium is known for soothing nerves.
  • Lavender 薰衣草 - An effective reliever of nervous tension, lavender aids sleep and relaxation. It is also an effective insect repellant.
  • Lotus leaves 荷叶 - Skin irritations and inflammation can be reduced by lotus leaves.
  • Marjoram 马郁兰- Soothing to the muscles and the digestion, marjoram is a decongestant and used as a tonic for the skin.
  • Pearl powder 珍珠粉 - Replenishes trace minerals required by the skin, and works to heal minor bruises and scars. It can also calm the mind when consumed orally.
  • Peppermint 薄荷 - Refreshing mentally and physically; upper body blockages and a heavy head can be alleviated by peppermint.
  • Poria 茯苓 - A great fighter of water retention, Poria helps expel excessive water from the body.
  • Rosemary 迷迭香 - Rosemary can also work as a relaxant as well as an energiser.
  • Sea salt 海盐 - A natural cleanser, sea salt is an effective exfoliator as well as a powerful grounding element.
  • Wolfberry 枸杞子- Particularly healthful for the liver where it replenishes essences, Wolfberry also relieves dry eyes.


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