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'The best thing about IHG is definitely the people. You wouldn't find a more diverse, active and smart group of people than we have here.' Albert, IHG, Philippines


Browse our frequently asked questions regarding General requirements, Referring jobs and/or candidates, Technical issues, Online Recruitment Fraud and General topics.


  • General Requirements

    • What kind of people are you looking for?

      At IHG, we value the individual passions and talents of our people. We create an environment where you can grow and develop and make a difference. We call this Room to be Yourself. Whether your passion is scuba diving or flower arranging, if you can bring the same level of passion, energy and excitement to work, then we’re interested in you.

      Will I have the opportunity to work in a different country?

      With hotels and offices in nearly 100 countries around the world, we have a lot of people who have happily moved to live, work and experience different cultures around the world with us. However, we do not automatically sponsor candidates for work permits and visas to work in a new country.

      What age do I need to be to work with IHG?

      In most of the countries in which IHG operates, you need to be at least 18 to work with us. However, it is best to check directly with the specific hotel to find out the current local employment laws for that region. Find your local IHG property by going to

      How do I search for available positions within IHG?

      Our Careers Web site is continually updated to include new opportunities within IHG and our many brands:

      Log into and register as a new user. You will receive a user name and password that should be keep in a safe place for future reference (you need this information to apply for job openings.)

      Select your search criteria and click ‘Search’.

      How do I search for available positions by location?

      Once you are in our IHG Careers site, simply use the drop down boxes to choose the career you are interested in and the location(s) where you would like to work.

      How do I submit my resume/CV for a position?

      If you see a position of interest, click "Job Title" to view the job description. To apply, click "Apply". If you are a registered user, enter your username and password to access your information. If you are a new user, review the IHG Privacy Policy then click "I Accept". On the next screen, click "New User” to register.

      After logging in/registering, you must complete the Job Application form by providing your contact information, attaching your resume/CV (if available) and answering questions specific to the job.

      I recently submitted my information for a position. What is the next step?

      When you apply for a position on this site you will receive an e-mail confirmation acknowledging our receipt of your application. Recruiters review candidate pools to identify those candidates whose experiences and qualifications most closely match the position specifications. Due to overwhelming response to many of our positions, it might take a litte while before we can contact you to apprise you of the status of your candidacy. We appreciate your patience as we carefully review each candidate’s background and credentials – including yours – against the experience and qualifications sought for the opportunity. If you are identified to move forward in the process, you will be contacted by a Recruiter, who will outline the next steps of the process. If you are not identified to move forward, you still may be contacted about other opportunities that align with your profile and/or interests. Your profile will remain on record for up to three years after you create or edit it. You can update your profile at any time. Should your profile match any new job openings, we may contact you via email to see if you have interest in those openings.

      I completed my Career Profile and subscribed to automatic notifications. When will I be notified about opportunities?

      You will be notified about new opportunities as soon as they are posted on our site, as long as they reflect the interests and preferences you indicated in your Career Profile.

      If you did not subscribe to automatic notifications and you wish to activate this feature, check the box on page 1 of My Employment Preferences on your Career Profile next to "Send an email notification whenever a new position matching this profile I posted”. If you elect not to receive notifications, you will then need to manually visit our Careers Web site to view new opportunities.

      I received a notification that there may be a specific job that matches with my interests and preferences. How do I apply for this job?

      Follow the instructions on the e-mail notification you received and click the appropriate link to view the job description. The link will take you directly to the specific position on this site.

      If you decide to apply, click "Apply on this position" on the Job Description page. Log in with your user name and password. You will be asked to answer specific questions related to this position. Any information previously included in your Career Profile will be displayed in the job application form. You must complete all pages of the job application form and view the Thank You screen to submit your information. Once you complete the application process, you will receive an e-mail confirming our receipt of your information.

      If the specific job does not appear when you click the link in the e-mail, the position has been filled or is no longer available.

      If I receive an e-mail indicating that multiple positions may match my interests and preferences, do I need to apply for each position separately?

      Yes, you must apply for each position. Information contained in your Career Profile will be pre-populated in your application (and available to edit) but you will also be asked to provide additional information specifically related to the position you are applying for.

      Why am I asked to provide additional information after applying for specific positions after I already established a Career Profile?

      In addition to your resume/CV, your Career Profile contains general information about your career preferences and interests. When applying for a specific position, you need to provide additional information as it relates to the position you are applying for. The recruiter and hiring manager need this information to assess the ‘best fit’ between your specific skills and experiences and the skills and experiences required for the position.

      How much time do I have to respond to a notification I receive about an opportunity?

      Generally speaking, there is no prescribed set time limit for responding to a job listing. Posting periods vary and depend on a number of factors, including the type or location of a position and/or the hiring manager’s timeframe to fill it. Because of the high volume of candidates who typically apply for posted positions, we recommend you respond quickly if you have an interest in a position.

      I can’t find the job requisition number on this site to apply for a specific position. What should I do?

      When you click on a job opening to view the details, you will see the requisition number to the right of the job title.

      Can you tell me if a job has been filled?

      Generally speaking, positions that appear on this site are open and active, even though the interview process for some may have begun.

      If you do not see a particular position, it has been filled or it is no longer available.

      I don’t want to be considered for opportunities at this time. How can my information be removed from the database?

      In order to remove your profile from our database, please visit our website at to permanently remove your profile from our system including all current and historical applications, job searches and system generated correspondence. Click on ‘Update Your Profile’, choose ‘I Accept’ to the IHG Privacy Statement, log in, click on ‘Create a Profile’ directly under your name in the upper right side of the screen. Now click the ‘Deactivate’ button. You are finished.

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  • Referring Jobs and/or Candidates

    • While viewing the job listings, I saw a position that would be perfect for one of my friends. Can I send the job to him/her?

      Absolutely, and we hope you do. Click on the job you think your friend may have interest in. Then look to the left of our screen, under the Tools heading, for ‘Tell a Friend’. A pop-up box will appear asking for your friend’s information. Fill in your friend’s name and email address and we will send them the link to the page you were viewing. Your friend must then actually apply for the position in order to be considered for it.

      Where do referred resumes/CVs go?

      Resumes/CVs submitted through our employee referral program reside in our proprietary talent database, a primary source of talent for our Recruiters when searching for the best talent to fill our positions.

      It is important to note that to be considered for specific positions, a referred candidate must apply directly via this Web site to positions of interest, even is he/she has been referred. When applying for positions, a referred candidate will be asked to answer position-specific questions and may submit an updated resume at that time. If the candidate does not apply and fill out the position-specific questions, they will not be considered for the position.

      If I was referred for a specific position and was not hired, will you consider my resume/CV for other opportunities?

      Yes. By having your Career Profile in our database, you maximize the opportunity for your resume/CV to be reviewed (and potentially matched to positions) by Recruiters throughout the IHG brands and corporate offices. To further increase your opportunity to be considered, we also recommend you visit this Web site regularly and apply for those positions in which you are interested. For more proactive searching, be sure to use the "Notification" feature to alert you via e-mail when new opportunities that match your interests become available.

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  • Technical Issues

    • My password has failed, or I have forgotten it. What should I do?

      In the ‘Job Search’ box indicate from the drop down menu, the career you are interested in job openings. Click the ‘Search’ button. Now, in the upper right corner click the ‘Sign In’ link’. After accepting the Privacy Policy, you will see the login screen. Put in your username and click "Forgot Password". A new password will be emailed to you with instructions.

      I am currently experiencing technical issues (e.g. can’t log on, can’t apply for jobs)

      If your question was not answered in this FAQ, please contact the location where the job opening resides.

      I have tried to apply for job(s) or view job(s) but I am having difficulty accessing the site. What should I do?

      One of the most common reasons for difficulty in accessing our site is that the browser settings on your PC may not be compatible with the level of encryption that we use on our site. We encrypt our pages to ensure the protection and privacy of all candidates who submit information via our Web site.

      Our site requires 128-bit encryption; your browser settings should be configured to have PCT 1.0, SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 enabled. If you are having difficulty logging into your Career Profile, it may be a password issue. Refer to the FAQ regarding password resets.

      What if I have difficulty copying/pasting or attaching my resume/CV to my Career Profile?

      Since resumes/CVs are an asset when applying for a specific position, it is important to ensure your resume/CV is entered into your Career Profile.

      If you are having trouble copying/pasting your resume/CV, log in to your Career Profile and go to the "Resume/CV" page. Open your resume/CV in Microsoft Wordtm (or other compatible software), highlight it, and select "copy." Go back to your Career Profile and paste your resume/CV in the space provided. Your resume/CV should then appear.

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  • Online Recruitment Fraud

    • IHG has been made aware of communications (principally email-based) from bogus employment agencies falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of InterContinental Hotels Group and IHG-branded hotels to attract job applicants from overseas. These operations fraudulently acquires payment from interested applicants for such things as fees, work permits, visas or employment checks.

      Characteristics of these emails include:

      • Non IHG email address.
      • Poor spelling and use of English
      • At some stage one or more of the following is requested: money; an 'affidavit of guarantee'; a scanned copy of passport; bank account details.

      To ensure that all recruitment activity is carried out by authorised representatives of IHG or IHG managed hotels,IHG always adheres to the following when recruiting from overseas:

      • No job offer will be made without first conducting a face to face interview with the applicant.
      • A formal signed offer of employment will be issued in hard copy (not via email) from IHG.

      Under no circumstances will either IHG or IHG hotels request payments from prospective employees.

      If in doubt about any offer of employment, please contact the IHG HR team at the hotel or office to which the offer relates. Relevant contact information can be found on our website at

      If you believe you may have received a fraudulent communication along these lines please contact us on

      We recommend that you do not enter into correspondence with anyone making unsolicited offers of employment on behalf of IHG hotels or any other part of the InterContinental Hotels Group.

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  • General Topics

    • Can you tell me about career opportunities outside of the United States?

      Ideally, you should be authorised to work wherever you are applying to work. We do not automatically sponsor candidates through the process of work permits and visas to a new country. Visit our Careers site and take advantage of the ‘Select a Location (Country) drop down list. It will show the opportunities available in each country.

      I am a recruiting agency and would like to submit a candidate for your consideration.

      IHG does not accept unsolicited resumes/CVs from agencies; we only accept candidates from those agencies which we are partnering with on a specific search.

      Is IHG an Equal Opportunity Employer?

      Yes. IHG does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, gender identity or expression or any status in any group protected by Country specific, federal, state and local laws.

      I have a disability that prevents me from being able to search and apply for positions on-line. How can I contact you for assistance?

      Please email our support team with your request, including your contact information so that they can follow up with you.

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Working at IHG: IHG is a great place to work. See how you could progress with us and meet our people who are moving ahead at IHG. Search for a job. There's a place for you here. We have many openings and lots of different roles, including one right for you.

Last updated 23 September 2014

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