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Corporate Responsibility Report

IHG Green Engage

Illustration of hotel and Green Engage logo

Key IHG Green Engage achievements in 2013

  • 2,646 hotels are now enrolled in IHG Green Engage and over 16,000 green solutions were implemented during 2013
  • 99% of Company Managed Hotels achieved Level 1 in IHG Green Engage
  • Set up links between IHG Green Engage and our sales systems to enable easier reporting of environmental impacts to corporate clients
  • Launched a partnership with LRA Worldwide to provide internal certification services for IHG Green Engage
  • Launched partnership with Green Globe and Green Key Global for third–party certification of IHG Green Engage hotels
  • Translated IHG Green Engage into Spanish and Chinese
  • Updated the energy and water benchmarks in IHG Green Engage to reflect the latest data and consumption in our hotels

Key IHG Green Engage targets 2013 - 2017

  • Reduce carbon footprint per occupied room by 12% across our entire estate
  • Reduce water use per occupied room in water-stressed areas by 12%

Key IHG Green Engage objectives 2014

  • Work with all hotels enrolled in IHG Green Engage to make best use of the tool to help them reduce their environmental impacts and operating costs
  • Continue to work with the IHG Owners Association to increase enrolment in IHG Green Engage across our hotels
  • Launch a goal-setting feature in IHG Green Engage which will enable our hotels to contribute to IHG's sustainability targets and track against these during the year
  • Further improve and continue to support hotels with the RFP process, by helping them answer common sustainability questions through IHG Green Engage. Support travel buyers by providing information about the environmental impact of our hotels.

IHG Green Engage Fast Facts

  • IHG Green Engage can help our hotels achieve energy savings of up to 25%, roughly $90,000 for an average hotel

IHG Green Engage is our Group-wide online sustainability management system

Photo of Paul Snyder
Paul Snyder, our Vice President of Corporate Responsibility - Environmental Sustainability & Public Affairs, explains how the system works and how it is playing a key role in helping IHG achieve its CR goals.

What is IHG Green Engage?

IHG Green Engage is our comprehensive online sustainability system. It tells our hotels what they can do to be a 'green' hotel and gives them the means to conserve resources and save money – by measuring, managing and reporting on their hotel energy, water and waste consumption, as well as benchmarking and the ability to create action plans to track progress. We believe this offers a huge advantage to owners for whom energy is the second largest cost in their hotels. It also puts us in a strong position to respond to rising energy prices and any future carbon taxes IHG and our hotels may face.

IHG Green Engage proves the value of our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We look for better ways to manage our carbon footprint than merely offsetting emissions and we engage with our partners to create a 'green' culture where owners actively explore solutions that enhance their business.

In 2011 IHG Green Engage became aligned to LEED making us the first hotel company to have an existing hotel programme approved for LEED pre-certification. Find out more about our LEED alignment of IHG Green Engage.

With over 50% of our entire estate enrolled in IHG Green Engage, in 2013 we turned our attention to making sure hotels use the system to the best of their ability.  This will help us achieve a greater positive impact – for our business, our owners and the environment.

To that end we set new impact targets around carbon and water over a five–year period. Between 2013 and 2017 we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint per occupied room by 12% across our entire estate and reduce water use per occupied room by 12% in water-stressed areas.

How does IHG Green Engage work?

Hotels input their site data into IHG Green Engage. The system automatically generates reports and an energy benchmark so that hotels can compare their performance to other hotels. IHG Green Engage then provides 'green solutions', advising both new-build and existing hotels on the specific actions they need to take to reduce their impacts, depending on their climatic location.

The advice offered covers every aspect of the hotel lifecycle from picking a suitable site, to selecting the correct lighting for the hotel through to choosing responsible cleaning materials and providing staff training on sustainability. The return on investment, carbon reduction and potential impact on our guests is calculated for each action item suggested.

Finally, the system produces reports which allow IHG to review an individual hotel's progress.

IHG Green Engage offers 4 certification levels hotels can achieve:

Partner – Level 1: includes 10 activities that get properties acclimatised to using the tool, sets property teams up for success and walks them through a few activities that provide near-term energy and cost savings.

Achiever – Level 2: includes action items that are relatively simple to implement with good cost benefits and return on investment.

Innovator – Level 3: is more challenging to achieve. Level 3 action items will require some capital investment from the hotels. Hotels completing this level can pursue LEED certification. Find out more about LEED certification.

Leader – Level 4: is best practice. Hotels that achieve Level 4 demonstrate a leading and innovative approach to being sustainable.

IHG gains LEED certification – a case study

InterContinental San Francisco was awarded LEED Gold certification under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance’ (LEED EBOM) in 2011. The hotel is the largest LEED Gold recipient of existing buildings in California and the third largest in the U.S. To achieve LEED EBOM, the hotel was evaluated on operational efficiency and the measures it was taking to minimise its environmental impact.

IHG Green Engage key action groups

IHG Green Engage and the recommendations it makes, IHG Green Solutions, are divided into key action groups. These groups enable hotels to identify areas of interest, focus on areas that need improvement and to navigate the system in a manageable way.

Key Action Groups

Operations & Processes

Hotel and hospitality operations can be very resource intensive. Improving a hotel's operational systems and practices is an immediate and public way of showing commitment to the environment and sustainability. Some of the most immediate cost and environmental savings can be found through changes in operations and process.



A hotel's location affects commuting options, local ecosystems, building energy efficiency and much more. Proper site selection should be taken into consideration at the start of a project as it will affect many subsequent decisions.



All water that passes through a building and site presents responsibilities and opportunities. From an economic and environmental perspective it is best to keep man-made changes to the natural water cycle to a minimum.


Products & Materials

Materials selected for sustainable buildings need to combine the appropriate performance, durability and environmental properties. The use of materials can affect everything from natural resources to the comfort and health of our guests and/or employees. The life cycle, sourcing and transportation of products are considered along with the actual product content.



Both construction and demolition contribute significantly to landfill sites and incinerators. Proper management can avoid unnecessary waste, reducing disposal fees and transportation costs.


Building envelope

The 'building envelope' is the interface between a hotel's indoor and outdoor environments. Careful design helps to efficiently maintain desirable indoor conditions for example, making the most of daylight, natural ventilation and passive heating.



Guest comfort, operating costs and many environmental impacts are dependent on a hotel's mechanical systems. These are best designed to work in harmony with other building systems and components.



Efficient electrical and gas systems in a hotel reduce both operating costs and environmental impact. Improved lighting design not only makes savings, it also contributes to guests' enjoyment and comfort.



What kind of benefits is IHG Green Engage bringing?

IHG Green Engage can help our hotels be up to 25% more energy efficient. At the time of writing we have over 2,600 hotels signed up to the system. If all the hotels in our portfolio achieved 25% in energy savings, the estimated aggregate savings for hotel owners could be over $300 million.

We believe IHG Green Engage gives us a significant competitive edge. It makes our hotels cost-effective and ultimately allows us to improve the value of service we offer our guests, who tell us they would prefer to stay in a green hotel. We also know that our IHG Green Engage hotels are beginning to drive new business through their sustainability commitments. Thanks to IHG Green Engage, IHG won a corporate contract worth 3,000 room nights £300,000 a year over a period of seven years.

How does IHG Green Engage integrate with existing green building certifications?

IHG Green Engage is a point-based metric system, like LEED, BREEAM and Green Globes. These systems establish both a minimum level of sustainability and outline opportunities for improvement. But IHG Green Engage goes further, providing ongoing tracking, reporting and analysis as well as point-based certifications. We believe this sets IHG Green Engage apart in that it encourages improved performance and recommends solutions to sustainability challenges.

In some cases, IHG Green Engage is linked with external certifications. For example, hotels can earn credit in IHG Green Engage by gaining certification with the Green Restaurant Association's Certified Green Restaurant® Program. In the United States and Canada, all company managed InterContinental brand hotels have achieved this certification.

This makes InterContinental Hotels & Resorts the first hotel brand to have all of its locations in North America become Certified Green Restaurants®.

We also have partnerships with Green Globe and Green Key Global by which IHG Green Engage hotels can achieve certification through a streamlined cost–effective processes.

What next for IHG Green Engage?

The original pilot went live in 2009. The system was quickly extended to our entire owned and managed estate and then opened up to any other hotels who wanted to participate. We had a good uptake and hope to maintain this momentum. In 2011 we developed version 2.0 of IHG Green Engage, based on user feedback about making the system easier to use.

IHG Green Engage is an evolving tool and our dedicated IHG Green Engage Working Group will continue to recommend enhancements to the system. Insights from a recent content focused Usability Study will also help us develop the system. We appreciate that some of our hotels have limited resources for this sort of activity. To help them we will continue to make the system more intuitive with user-friendly functionality. In 2013 we provided IHG Green Engage in both Spanish and Chinese and will continue to add further translations during 2014. We will also launch a goal setting feature which will enable us to give annual reduction goals for energy, water, waste and carbon to our hotels so that they can contribute to our 2013-2017 targets.

Throughout this site there are examples of how IHG Green Engage is already benefiting IHG and individual hotels. We will continue to report on how more and more hotels are using IHG Green Engage to achieve real benefits. We will continue to expand IHG Green Engage further into our franchised estate.

Q&A with the Holiday Inn Select San Antonio Airport (SATAP)

Herb garden on the roof of the Holiday Inn SATAP

A herb garden on the roof of the Holiday Inn at San Antonio Airport is watered by wastewater from the air conditioning system.

  1. Why did SATAP sign up to IHG Green Engage?

    The hotel had already set out on its ‘green journey’ and partnering with IHG on IHG Green Engage just made sense. Prior to the development of IHG Green Engage, our environmental programme covered water consumption reduction, recycling and energy saving; by signing up for IHG Green Engage we have expanded our programme significantly.

  2. How have you been using the system?

    We first started using the system mainly for reporting purposes, but as the site continued to develop, it has become a learning tool and action planning system.

  3. What are some of the big initiatives you've undertaken as a result of using IHG Green Engage?

    Our water-saving programme started with low flow toilets: with IHG Green Engage it expanded into finding additional ways to water our landscape without using City water. We capture air conditioning (AC) condensate, pool backwash and chilling tower blow-down water to water our landscape. We also researched roof-top gardens and implemented a roof-top herb garden watered by AC condensate.

  4. How are you encouraging guests to behave in a more sustainable way?

    We have a recycling bin in each guest room, and a letter on the desk detailing our programmes and success in each category: water, recycling and energy. We also encourage guests with information such as ‘did you know, on average, 3 USA Today newspapers = 1 lb... please help us recycle’. We also have associated material about our towel re-use programme, and a nifty little sign on the dual-flush toilet – to push the right button.

  5. What are some of the benefits you've found from using IHG Green Engage?

    Our statistics from 2008 clearly indicate the business impact of effective resource management. Our water-saving programme reduced consumption from 202 gallons per occupied room to 120, saving over 7 million gallons of water. Our recycling programme is a full single stream programme starting from every guestroom. We recycled 83.5 tonnes of material. The hotel retrofitted all lighting ballasts to accommodate CFL light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs saving 553,000 kWh in a year.

    From a staff standpoint, we have had many employees tell us that they never recycled at home until the hotel started doing it, and they feel good about doing it.

  6. What are some of the challenges you've experienced in terms of creating a more sustainable hotel?

    We started our journey through the ‘school of hard knocks’. We picked one thing recycling newspapers and started a programme. The biggest challenge has been finding vendors willing to support the programmes we were in the vanguard of some of these ideas in our market.

  7. How could IHG Green Engage be improved?

    Developing the central training programme/work so hotels can benchmark themselves against similar properties and share best practice.

  8. How could IHG and the CR team help support you more in your general sustainability efforts?

    We think IHG has done a great job of telling hotels about IHG Green Engage, but there needs to be more done to expand the initiatives at the property level.

  9. What are your plans for IHG Green Engage?

    We continue to expand our programmes as we learn more. We are currently piloting a food composting programme with other hotels and restaurants in the area. We have started planting some of our landscape with food-bearing plots that can be utilised in the hotel kitchen or by the staff. Spring will include the expansion of our roof-top garden. We are planning on handing out seed packets at the front desk with seeds from the herb garden as a parting gift to departing guests. Another spring programme ‘What's the buzz at the Holiday Inn?’ is a beehive to help our garden. If we’re lucky, our gift shop will sell Holiday Inn Honey.


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IHG Green Engage video

Green Engage video

General Managers' perspective
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IHG Green Engage, fantastic programme. We started measuring – what we do, how we do, where to improve and looking at the steps to reduce our numbers in consumption of energy…we managed to save 10% year on year on our energy consumption which helped to reduce expenses and produce better profits.

Mathieu van Alphen,
General Manager InterContinental Budapest

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