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Corporate Responsibility Report

Carbon FAQs

IHG Green Engage Key Action Group Areas

Is IHG exposed to regulatory risks associated with climate change?

Yes. Regulation includes carbon pricing and reporting schemes such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in the UK.


Is IHG exposed to the physical risks associated with climate change?

Yes. As yet there is no real clarity on how they will impact on the sector but we believe that rising sea levels and a changing global climate will affect, amongst other things, the availability of raw materials, the locations where hotels can be sited, and customers' travelling patterns.


Does IHG consider climate change a commercial opportunity?

Yes, we have a clear objective of making a night with IHG as energy efficient as possible. By addressing the physical and regulatory risks associated with climate change – through technology, partnerships and operational improvements – we can operate more responsibly and efficiently.


What is IHG’s carbon footprint?

In 2013 we commissioned carbon footprint specialists Best Foot Forward to give us an up-to-date picture of IHG's carbon footprint. Known as the experts' expert, Best Foot Forward measures footprints for some of the world's best known companies and has helped develop global carbon footprint standards.

IHG's carbon footprint is approximately 4.7 million metric tonnes (based on Scope 1 and 2).


How was the carbon footprint calculated?

IHG commissioned Best Foot Forward to undertake a robust carbon footprint using data from over 1,300 hotels which was used to calculate the carbon emission for our entire hotel portfolio.


How does IHG hope to engage all hotels, including franchises to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions?

To help us achieve a significant reduction in our impacts on climate change, we launched IHG Green Engage in 2009 and version 2.0 of IHG Green Engage in 2011. This system is designed to assist our General Managers and their team across the entire hotel portfolio of over 4,600 hotels to manage energy, water and waste consumption more effectively.


Does IHG have an ambition/target to minimise the Group’s energy consumption?

Energy efficiency is highly correlated to carbon reduction. We have set a target to reduce carbon emissions per occupied room in the global estate by 12% between 2013 and 2017. This carbon reduction will be achieved largely through energy efficiency.


How is the company progressing against its carbon reduction target?

In the first year we achieved a 2.4% reduction which means we are on track to achieve our 12% target.


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