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Corporate Responsibility Report


Illustration of a do not disturb sign hanging from a tree

Keeping the disturbance of animals, plants and their natural habitats to a minimum is a key element of responsible tourism. Failing to address biodiversity risks can also undermine a company's reputation and have a negative impact on its financial performance.

As part of IHG Green Engage we have developed a set of recommendations aimed at preserving and protecting on-site local flora and fauna and the wider regional ecosystems affected by our operations. We suggest hotels:

  • choose a building site that has already been disturbed and/or is not home to sensitive species whenever possible. We consider this to be the first step towards reducing the negative impact of increased human activity in an area
  • undertake an environmental impact assessment to identify the impacts of planned building works
  • plan the building footprint, driveway and parking of our hotels to maximise open space and preserve local ecosystems
  • follow an erosion and sedimentation control programme during construction to keep the silt and pollutants introduced into the watershed to a minimum
  • ensure that green space serves as a wildlife corridor
  • design structures so that vegetation makes a significant contribution to reduced heat island impact and storm-water control
  • select native vegetation wherever possible as these species adapt to the geography, hydrology and climate of the region, require little or no irrigation, minimal maintenance and no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides
  • use trained tour guides, signage and other means of visitor education to limit damage to protected areas
  • where disturbance is unavoidable, develop a strategy to ensure that a site is restored to its original habitat after construction.

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