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Transforming Membership in "The Age of I"

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"The Age of I"

While people want to be respected for their individuality, they also want a feeling of belonging to a meaningful Membership Community.

Signing In vs Signing On

Signing In is a behaviour – anyone can register or enroll. Signing On creates pride of belonging to the Membership Community. People do not just want to log in. They want to link up. They want a relationship.

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The World of Now

"One-Think Decision-Making" creates Meaningful Membership as people expect to be satisfied in nanoseconds.

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If brands do not deliver on their promises quickly, perceptions of quality, leadership and trust can be damaged.

Measuring The Value of Meaningful Membership

Membership communities have a commercial purpose for the brand as well as a personal social purpose for the member.

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Enhance a member’s Personal and Social Identities: help them belong while respecting their individuality


Humanize Personal Involvement: design ways in which the member can be involved with your brand within the community


Build a Membership Mindset Corporate Culture: taking engagement one step further to corporate membership – associates


Move members up the Loyalty Ladder: make sure that the membership experience is designed to encourage each potential loyal member to move up to true branded membership loyalty


Ensure trustworthy dialogues and behaviors within the Membership Community and with the brand: be credible; have integrity; do the right things in the right way with the right people for the right results

The Essentials for Building Membership Communities

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