A commitment to operating our business responsibly underpins our entire strategy.

We bring this commitment to life through our culture and by embedding it in all aspects of the way we work. Doing the right things in the right way engenders pride amongst our colleagues and owners, and builds trust with local communities and our guests, who hold this pledge in increasingly high regard.

Through our culture of responsible business and our award-winning corporate responsibility programmes we aim to ensure IHG® has a positive impact on the lives of all the people that interact with us.

As a thought leader in the travel and tourism industry, we also work to develop approaches that help others in the hospitality world make a positive difference.

“At IHG, our purpose is to create Great Hotels Guest Love. Behaving in a responsible and ethical way is a key part of this and is an area that the Board of IHG and the CR Committee take seriously.”

Patrick Cescau
IHG Chairman

Our commitment to doing business responsibly begins with our Chairman, the Board and its Committees. They promote responsible business behaviours throughout the organisation to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and instil a strong culture of business ethics.

IHG's attitudes and ethical values are reflected in our Code of Conduct, Human Resource policies and performance reward systems. We have policies, programmes and training in place to ensure our employees deliver on our responsible business commitments such as human rights, anti-bribery and corruption, information security, and antitrust laws and procedures. We also work to ensure a safe and secure environment for our guests, employees and those working at, or visiting, our hotels and corporate offices.

In 2015, we continued to embed our culture of responsible business across IHG with the launch of our human rights e-learning for colleagues and maintained our commitment to embedding policies and training such as risk management and data protection.

We are evolving our business to ensure that our efforts are aligned to the overall United Nations Sustainable Development Goals objective: to transform our world by 2030 through a commitment to sustainable development.

“Doing business responsibly is integral to life at IHG and is a guiding principle to how all our colleagues around the world behave on a daily basis.”

Richard Solomons

Our award-winning corporate responsibility programmes

At IHG, we work to make the communities around our hotels and corporate offices better places for all. Through our corporate responsibility programmes - IHG Green Engage™ system and IHG® Academy - we are capitalising on the hospitality industry's unique ability to make a positive difference to the environment and thousands of local communities.

IHG Green Engage system

Intercontinental miami

Our online sustainability tool that helps hotels manage their use of energy, carbon, water and waste, and minimise their impact on the environment.

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IHG® Academy

IHG academy china

A collaboration between hotels and education providers and/or community organisations to help people develop the skills needed to improve their employment prospects

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Alongside these programmes, we continue to empower and equip our hotels to prepare for disasters and to support colleagues and communities when disasters strike.

IHG® Foundation

Building on the positive impact of IHG's corporate responsibility programmes, the IHG® Foundation launched in February 2016.

This independent charitable trust provides grant funding to projects that create positive change. It works to set the foundations for stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities around the world. We focus on helping communities develop hospitality skills, ensuring support for those impacted by disasters, facilitating local community investment and protecting the environment.

Visit the IHG Foundation website to learn more.