Developing our responsible business approach

To ensure our responsible business approach remains relevant, we consult our stakeholders to determine issues that are most important to them and to our business, be it the effect we have on society, the environment or the economy.

We consider steps to embed a culture of responsible business, taking into account the protection of IHG’s reputation, and our brands, as well as all aspects of the hotel lifecycle. This approach allows us to identify the areas where our actions can deliver the greatest impact.

Prioritising the issues 

We consult our stakeholders to determine the issues that are most relevant to them and to our business, and to identify the areas where our actions can deliver positive benefits.

We use a materiality matrix to align our responsible business priorities with IHG’s strategic approach and our principal risks. In addition, in the context of our operating model, we consider the areas where we can make the greatest positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Following this approach allows us to grow our business in a sustainable way, and make the greatest contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Filter by category below:

Our culture of responsible business
  • 1Responsible procurement
  • 2Responsible attitude and ethics
  • 3Human rights
  • 4Guest safety and security
  • 5Cyber security and information governance
  • 6Governance
Our people

  • 7Diversity and inclusion
  • 8Labour rights
  • 9Employee well-being
  • 10Employee volunteering
Environmental sustainability
  • 11Sustainable food and beverage
  • 12Waste
  • 13Biodiversity
  • 14Water
  • 15Energy and carbon
Sustainable communities
  • 16Community investment
  • 17Disaster preparedness and relief