Responsible attitudes and ethics

Ethical concerns

We think it is extremely important that all employees feel comfortable reporting ethical concerns. As a result, we have a Confidential Reporting Channel which provides employees with a means to share any ethical concerns they may have. Employees are made aware of this through regular internal communications as well as through a dedicated website. Regular reporting on the channel is provided to our Audit Committee.

Code of Conduct

Through our Code of Conduct we set the principles to doing business responsibly. The Code provides an overview of our key global policies and incorporates our values – Our Winning Ways – which are a key part of the way we do business.


At IHG® we are committed to operating with integrity and to complying with all relevant laws including all applicable anti-corruption legislation. IHG has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and this position is clearly set out in our Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policy. This applies to all IHG employees and directors and our managed hotels. Bribery is not permitted under any circumstances. Facilitation payments are also prohibited.

We have an anti-corruption training programme which applies to all employees and directors. This includes our Code of Conduct training and specific training on anti-bribery. In 2015, more than 20,000 people completed our online anti-bribery training.

We also have a Gifts and Entertainment Policy which applies to all IHG employees and directors and managed hotels. This policy sets out which types of gifts and entertainment are never acceptable and contains reporting and approval requirements for items over certain values. Our Code of Conduct also prohibits political donations.

We regularly monitor our anti-corruption programme including its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness and implement improvements as appropriate. Reporting on the anti-corruption programme is provided to the Audit Committee and Board.

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