Our people

More than 375,000 people work in IHG branded hotels and corporate offices, and it is important our workforce represents the communities in which we operate. We celebrate difference and encourage diverse thinking and perspectives.

Best employer

Recognised by Aon Hewitt as Best employer, benchmarked against industry scores.

Making IHG a great place to work

We ask our corporate and hotel colleagues to live our Winning Ways. Shaped by our people, these are a set of behaviours and values central to how we interact as colleagues and with our guests and other stakeholders. They are:

Do the right thing
Show we care
Aim higher
Celebrate difference
Work better together

Employee engagement

Understanding how our employees feel is important to us. Twice a year, we measure this through our employee engagement survey, asking for feedback about how we can make IHG an even better place to work. In 2017, we partnered with Aon Hewitt to deliver a new engagement survey platform, Colleague HeartBeat. Still completely anonymous, the new platform help managers better act upon feedback. In our most recent survey, Colleague HeartBeat delivered record participation of 97%. Our results garnered recognition from Aon as a Best Employer, benchmarked against industry scores.

Continuous learning

During 2017, we improved our learning platform, MyLearning, which is available to corporate and hotel colleagues in multiple languages and across devices. Colleagues can track their personal learning journey, and managers can easily review their progress.

We have also completed the global roll-out of our General Manager (GM) Learning Programme our online platform, Fuse. For the first time, Fuse brings our network of GMs together in an online social community to share best practice, seek advice and complete professional development courses. GMs can also access a range of other resources from onboarding curriculums and learning plans to specific, flexible online learning modules.

In 2017, we also rolled out our True Hospitality Service Skills training. Guests can expect a consistently great experience delivered by colleagues trained in True Attitude, True Confidence, True Listening and True Responsiveness. The training is underway in hotels around the world, and so far more than 150,000 colleagues from over 3,500 hotels have completed it.

Our hotel estate is predominantly franchised which means that most of the people who work at IHG branded hotels are not employed by IHG. When the Group’s entire estate is taken into account (including those working in both franchised and managed hotels) over 375,000 people globally worked across IHG branded hotels as at 31 December 2017. We call these 'our colleagues'. However, IHG employed the following:

  • 6,658 people worldwide (including those in our corporate offices, central reservations offices and owned hotels (excluding those in a category below), whose costs were borne by the Group;
  • 5,555 people who worked directly on behalf of the System Fund and whose costs are borne by the System Fund;
  • 22,577 General Managers and, (in the US predominantly) other hotel workers, who work in managed hotels, who have contracts or letters of service with IHG and whose costs are borne by those hotels.
In March, 2017 we published our first UK Gender Pay Gap Report, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information). We report on the differences in average pay and bonuses of our male and female employees.