Our performance

Our five-year targets, 2013-2017, signal our commitment to doing business responsibly and to creating shared value for IHG, our owners, the environment and the local community.

Sustainable communities

Provide skills and improved employability to 20,000 people via IHG® Academy

Target complete

Number of people participating in IHG® Academy programmes

Year No of people
2015 9,287
2014 6,666
2013 6,391

2015 progress

  • 9,287 participants benefitted from the IHG Academy.
  • 1,215 IHG Academy programmes across 68 countries.
  • We have exceeded our target in advance of 2017. Based on our 2013-2015 performance, we have taken the decision to double our target to 40,000 by year end 2017.

2016 priorities

  • Continue to provide skills and improved employability to people via IHG Academy, ensuring positive impact for local people, our owners and IHG.
  • Roll out the enhanced IHG Academy online tool to enable quality growth in the programme, including increased engagement with our franchise hotels.

Contribute a total of $10m to communities through monetary donations and in-kind support, including through disaster relief

Target complete

Value of monetary donations and in-kind support to communities, including through disaster relief ($m)

Year monetary donations
2015 4.17
2014 6.18
2013 1.92

2015 progress

  • $4.17m contributed to communities through monetary donations and in-kind support.
  • 27 disasters responded to in 17 countries in 2015.
  • We have exceeded our target in advance of 2017. This strong track record of community contributions has led to the launch of the IHG® Foundation in February 2016.

2016 priorities

  • Work with humanitarian agencies and like minded companies to further leverage our hotels and other assets on the ground in times of disaster and to increase focus on disaster preparedness.

Environmental sustainability*

Reduce carbon footprint per occupied room by 12% (from a 2012 baseline)

33% of target complete

Carbon footprint per occupied room (KgCO2e)

year Carbon footprint
2015 31.53
2014 32.04
2013 32.88
2012 32.81

2015 progress

  • 3.9% reduction in carbon footprint per occupied room (to 31.53 KgCO2e) on a 2012 baseline across our entire estate.
  • Reported a Carbon Disclosure Score of 98B (increase on our score of 92B in 2014).
  • Drove adoption of the IHG Green Engage system across our global estate.

2016 priorities

  • Continue to drive adoption of the IHG Green Engage system foundational standard across our entire global estate.
  • Continue to drive quality use of the system to reduce our impact on the environment and enable cost savings.

Reduce water use per occupied room in water-stressed areas (from a 2012 baseline)

40% of target complete

Water use per occupied room in water-stressed areas (m3)

Year Water use per occupied room
2015 0.66
2014 0.67
2013 0.67
2012 0.69

2015 progress

  • 4.8%** reduction in water use per occupied room (by 0.03m3) on a 2012 baseline in water stressed areas.
  • Launched a partnership with the Water Footprint Network to help further progress our Water Stewardship Programme.

2016 priorities

  • Continue to reduce water use across our entire estate, with a particular focus on hotels in water-stressed areas.
  • Work with the Water Footprint Network to identify actions that hotels can adopt to improve their water stewardship, enabling further reductions in water use.

*We are continuing to improve the quantity and quality of the environment data reported by hotels using the IHG Green Engage system; enabling us to improve the accuracy of our data. Each year our estate changes and the number of hotels reporting data increases, enabling our sampling to become more representative. Consequently we are restating the impacts for all years from the baseline year 2012 annually to enable comparisons to be made. Reporting period from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015.
We calculate our environmental performance up to 15 decimal places. We have rounded to 2 decimal places in this report.

** We calculate water performance to 15 decimal places. Using full decimal place calculation results in a 4.8% reduction.

Responsible procurement

Diversity within our supply chain


Track and report supply chain diversity.

$62.4m spend with diverse suppliers

2015 progress

  • Our spend with diverse suppliers was $62.4m. This represents a 21% increase on our spend in 2014 ($51.6m).

2016 priorities

  • Continue to work with diverse suppliers across our markets and increase this spend as appropriate.

Supplier evaluation of corporate responsibility criteria


Integrated corporate responsibility criteria into the selection and evaluation process for all preferred suppliers.

2015 progress

  • We have enhanced our procurement systems to require new suppliers to sign the IHG Vendor Code of Conduct as part of the process of becoming a preferred supplier.

2016 priorities

  • Continue to ensure that CR criteria is fully embedded in IHG procurement systems, forming an important decision criteria for preferred suppliers.