Disaster relief

Hotels are at the centre of their communities, a focal point for economic and social activity. Just as they can be a place for communities to come together in times of celebration, they can also play a vital role by providing security and refuge when disaster strikes.

Our disaster relief efforts build on our long and proud history of helping local communities and our colleagues in times of need. Through our work, we guide and empower our hotels to be prepared in the event of a disaster. We aim to provide a consistent response in our hotels and corporate offices, using our global partnership with CARE International UK to draw on their expertise in disaster preparedness and relief, guiding our hotels on how to respond. In 2016, we supported 1,219 colleagues impacted by 20 disasters across the globe.

Kumamoto, Japan earthquake - April 2016

Kumamoto, Japan earthquake

In April 2016, the Japanese City of Kumamoto was struck by a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 magnitude and was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. Thousands of people were injured with many more displaced. At ANA Crowne Plaza Wakkanai, 99 colleagues were impacted by the disaster and IHG responded immediately by providing support.

Through IHG’s colleague disaster relief support, three nearby IHG hotels and our corporate office in Japan facilitated the packaging and distribution of care packages to those colleagues impacted. 

The IHG Foundation also made a donation to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support the local community impacted.

"The earthquake taught me two great lessons: first, the importance of effective safety awareness and preparation; and second, the importance of storing relief materials for immediate deployment during emergency situations. The relief that IHG coordinated helped our team a lot, both the materials provided and the messages shared."

Tetsuya Koga
General Manager ANA Crowne Plaza Kumamoto New Sky