Targets and reporting

Our 2018-2020 targets

We are on a journey to continuously improve the ways we work, to minimise our impacts and to be a force for positive change around the world. Building on the progress we've made in recent years, we have set targets to deliver on these ambitions.


Our 2018-2020 targets

Environmental Sustainability


From 2018-2020:


Reduce carbon footprint per occupied room

6 Projects

Launch two water stewardship projects per year

Community Impact


From 2018-2020:

30,000 - 40,000

Individuals provided with hospitality skills training through the IHG Academy


Contributed to community impact projects around the world from 2018-2020


Colleagues involved in IHG’s global community impact activities each year from 2018-2020

Our People

People Speech Bubbles

From 2018-2020:


Increase % of diverse (in terms of gender & nationality/ethnicity) IHG Senior Leaders


Increase % females working in General Manager and Operations roles in managed hotels


Track and report employee engagement each year

Responsible Procurement

Hands shaking

From 2018-2020:

Supply Chain

Increase % supplier risk profiles and supplier audits for IHG preferred suppliers

Ethical Supplier

Increase % of IHG preferred suppliers that meet IHG Green Criteria1

Green Criteria

Increase % suppliers that meet IHG Green Criteria2

1Measured by the number Ethical Supplier e-learning completions for corporate colleagues and take up of the Responsible Procurement Toolkit for hotels

2Measured by number of suppliers completing an additional questionnaire on their green credentials in addition to the Vendor Code of Conduct