Board committees diagram

Board Committees

The Board has established the following four Committees to assist in the discharge of its responsibilities:

Audit Committee

Chair: Ian Dyson
Members: Graham Allan, Anne Busquet, Jill McDonald, Dale Morrison, 
Sharon Rothstein, 
Duriya Farooqui 

  • Leads on internal controls and risk management; financial reporting; internal audit; fraud and external audit and compliance.
  • Maintains working relationships with management, Global Internal Audit, Disclosure Committee and the external Auditor.

Responsible Business Committee

Chair: Jill McDonald
Members: Anne Busquet, Arthur de Haast, Sharon Rothstein, Duriya Farooqui 

  • Leads on responsible business objectives and strategy, and our approach to sustainable development.
  • Reviews our impact on the environment and communities.
  • Leads on IHG's stakeholder engagement.

Nomination Committee

Chair: Patrick Cescau
Members: Jo Harlow, Jill McDonald, Dale Morrison, Ian Dyson

  • Leads on and examines nominations and appointments to the Board and its Committees, and makes recommendations to the Board.
  • Responsible for reviewing the Group's leadership needs.

Remuneration Committee

Chair: Jo Harlow
Members: Graham Allan, Arthur de Haast, Ian Dyson, Dale Morrison

  • Leads on and reviews all aspects of remuneration of the Executive Directors and Executive Committee members, and remuneration policy for senior executives.

Management Committees

We also have the following Management Committees:

Executive Committee

  • Considers and manages a range of strategic and business issues facing the Group.
  • Monitors IHG's performance and is authorised to approve capital and revenue investment within levels agreed by the Board.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on significant decisions requiring Board approval.
  • Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer.

Disclosure Committee

  • Ensures proper procedures are in place for information disclosures required pursuant to UK and US accounting, statutory or listing requirements.
  • Chaired by the Group's Financial Controller and comprises the Company Secretary and other senior management.
  • Reports to the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Audit Committee.

General Purposes Committee

  • Attends to business of a routine nature and to the administration of matters, the principles of which have been agreed previously by the Board or an appropriate Committee.
  • Chaired by an Executive Committee member and comprises an Executive Committee member and senior officer from an agreed list.