Our strategy

In 2020, we evolved key elements of our strategy to further strengthen our ability to drive future growth.

Our ambition to deliver high-quality, industry-leading net rooms growth is unchanged, driven by continued investment in enhancing our guest and owner offer and developing our brands at scale in high-value markets. Over the long term, with disciplined execution, this drives sustained growth in cash flows and profits, which can be reinvested in our business and returned to shareholders.

What has evolved is how we execute against our strategy, in terms of what we prioritise, the behaviours we champion, and the purpose that guides us. Listening to stakeholders, we’ve evaluated what’s most important, not just to IHG’s growth, but how we grow, taking into account all we’ve learnt from dealing with Covid-19 and planning for a strong recovery over time.

Our evolved priorities put our brands at the heart of our business, and our owners and guests at the heart of our thinking. They recognise the crucial role of a sophisticated, well-invested digital approach, and ensure we meet our growing responsibility to care for our people and make a positive difference to our communities and planet.


Measuring our success

We measure our performance with a set of carefully selected key performance indicators (KPIs), which monitor our success in achieving our strategy and delivering high-quality growth.

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How we drive demand


Nearly 6,000 hotels and 884,000 guest rooms in more than 100 countries

Brand portfolio

We have 16 brands serving different guest needs all around the world

IHG ® Rewards

One of the world's largest hotel loyalty programmes


Mobile friendly branded websites, offering over 100 brand/language combinations

Food and beverage

15% of total gross revenue in 2020 is non-rooms revenue, with 13% coming from food and beverage

85% rooms revenue delivery*

Commitment to clean

Redefining cleanliness using science-led protocols and service measures through IHG Way of Clean

Call centres

8 Guest Contact Centres around the world, covering 13 languages

Revenue Management

World class systems

Sales force

Global Sales force of nearly 21,000

System Fund

Annual fund to maintain marketing and systems that generate demand for our hotels

*Definition: This figure relates to rooms revenue delivered to hotels through bookings made directly with IHG, bookings by IHG Rewards members made directly with hotels, and bookings made via Online Travel Agencies and the Global Distribution System.