Dividend Confirmations/tax vouchers

Dividend tax reform – Dividend Confirmations

From 6 April 2016 the Government introduced a reform to the taxation of dividends. The Dividend Tax Credit was abolished and a £5,000 tax free Dividend Allowance was introduced.

For dividends paid after 6 April 2016, Dividend Confirmations containing details of dividend payments have replaced dividend tax vouchers.

In 2016, shareholders who have their dividends paid directly into a bank or building society account, received a single annual consolidated dividend confirmation with details of the final, special and interim dividend payments, in October. Other shareholders received individual dividend confirmations with each dividend payment.

If you have lost your dividend confirmation, you can order a replacement from our registrars. A duplicate dividend confirmation or annual consolidated dividend confirmation will cost £15.00*. All subsequent duplicates will cost £3.00* each. This fee will have to be received before our registrars can issue duplicates.

*Fee quoted as at March 2018

For more information about tax vouchers and annual consolidated dividend confirmation and any other queries, please contact our registrars, Equiniti.