Dividend services

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

IHG operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan. This provides the opportunity for shareholders to use their cash dividends to buy more IHG shares. New applications to participate in the DRIP must be received by Equiniti fifteen working days before any dividend payment date.

Applying for a DRIP

Methods of dividend payments

Shareholders can give instructions for all future dividends on their shares to be paid directly to their sterling bank or building society account in the UK. If this method of payment is desired, a completed dividend mandate form needs to be received by Equiniti before the record date for a dividend. Shareholders wishing to find further information about dividend payment details, or to view or print the mandate form, should visit Shareview.

Missing dividend cheques

Please contact Equiniti if you believe a cheque has gone missing.

Out of date dividend warrants

Dividend warrants in the name of Bass PLC and Six Continents PLC continued to be honoured for 12 months from their date of issue but are now out of date. If you have any uncashed Bass PLC and Six Continents PLC dividend warrants, you should return them to Equiniti for verification.